International Film Series Offered

Friday, September 09, 2005

Beginning Monday, Sept. 12, and continuing through December, the Fairmont State International Education Committee is hosting a series of international films and lectures called "Sweet Dreams or Nightmares?"

The films will be shown at 7 p.m. on Mondays in Room 128 of Hardway Hall. Members of the campus community who have volunteered to host a film will give a brief overview of the film they've chosen and will lead a discussion afterwards.

"Other cultures have different perspectives on the world, and this comes through in their films," says Professor Maggy Helwig, who will share her love of Asian cinema during the series. "Americans need to watch international films to get a more well-rounded view of the world and to see that films can encompass more than just the standard Hollywood plotline. Plus, many Asian films, like the recent film "Hero," are visually stunning, and watching films like this can really help students learn to see in a different way."

All films not in English have English subtitles, so no knowledge of a foreign language is required to enjoy the films.

Admission to the series is free and open to the public. For more information, call Dr. Angela Schwer at (304) 367-4723.

The complete series schedule follows:

Sept. 12
(France, 2002)
Presented by Dr. Marian Hollinger

Sept. 19
"No Man's Land"
(Bosnia, 2001)
Presented by Dr. Jack Hussey

Sept. 26
(France, 1996)
Presented by Dr. Valerie Ives

Oct. 3
"Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast"
(France, 1946)
Presented by Dr. James Matthews

Oct. 10
"The Marriage of Maria Braun"
(Germany, 1979)
Presented by the Honors Program and the Honors Association

Oct. 17
"The Emperor and the Assassin"
(China, 1999)
Presented by Professor Maggy Helwig

Oct. 24
(Germany, 1982)
Presented by Dr. Marian Hollinger

Oct. 31
"Alexandra's Project"
(Australia 2003)
Presented by Dr. Angela Schwer

Nov. 7
"Shall We Dance?"
(Japan, 1996)
Presented by Dr Susan Walsh

Nov. 14
"Viva Algeria!"
(Algeria 2004)
Presented by Dr. Angela Schwer

Nov. 28
"Letters from the Park"
(Cuba, 1988)
Presented by Dr. Gilberto Delgado

Dec. 5
"Children of Heaven"
(Iran, 1997)
Presented by FSC&TC President Blair Montgomery