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Catherine Marshall (1914-1983)
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Christy a New York Times best-seller


Catherine Marshall was born in 1915 to parents Reverend John Ambrose Wood and Leonora Whitaker Wood. In the 1940's she was married to Peter Marshall, Chaplain of the U.S. Senate. She soon gave birth to their son, Peter Jr. In 1949, Catherine's devoted husband died of a tragic heart attack. She was left to care for their 9-year-old son. Soon afterwards, she began writing the very first of her more than 20 books, which have sold over sixteen million copies and include several collections of sermons and prayers by her late husband. By far, Catherine's biggest success was her 1967 novel, Christy, which was inspired by the story of her own mother's journey to the mountains to teach the impoverished children of Appalachia.

In 1959, Catherine married Leonard LeSourd, who was the editor of Guideposts Magazine for twenty-eight years. She stepped into the role of mother for his three children. In 1974, the LeSourds joined John and Elizabeth Sherill to form Chosen Books Publishing Company in Lincoln, Virginia.

Even through the deaths of two of her own grandchildren, in 1966 and 1971, Catherine never let go of her faith in God. Those who knew her say that she was best known for her intense desire for intimacy with Jesus Christ--whom she loved more than any husband. Through reading her books, thousands were led to experience God in a new and exciting way.

Catherine Marshall passed away in March of 1983.


Other Works by Catherine Marshall

Light In My Darkest Night

The inspirational and intimate story of Catherine Marshall's personal crisis of faith - and her triumph in once again seeing the light.


A powerful, sweeping novel of love and adventure, courage and commitment, tragedy and triumph in a Pennsylvania town during the Great Depression.

A Man Called Peter

A book about love - the love between a dynamic man and his God, and the tender, romantic love between a man and the girl he married. The extraordinary life of Peter Marshall - a poor Scottish immigrant, he became Chaplain of the United States Senate, one of the most revered men in America and an inspiration to Americans of all faiths.

A Closer Walk: A Spiritual Lifeline To God

Lovingly compiled by her husband of many years, A Closer Walk is drawn from Catherine Marshall's personal journals. Here, the beloved writer reveals how she journeyed towards a closer walk with her Lord by using the Bible to give guidance, not just for her spiritual concerns and questions, but in each ordinary occurence of everyday life.

To Live Again

The intimate story of Catherine Marshall's own victory of faith over grief after the death of her husband - with answers for every man and woman who has ever shared her sorrows.

Beyond Ourselves

A poignant revelation of Mrs. Marshall's own search for a meaningful life, a practical faith, a closer relationship to God, and a way we can live at peace with ourselves in a troubled world.

Something More

Catherine Marshall writes movingly of her quest for a fuller, richer understanding of God and His will. With candor she reveals the challenges her faith had undergone and the illuminating answers to which her personal tragedies have led. With insight and mature Christian wisdom, she guides the reader toward a joyful new life of affirmative experiences.

The Helper

This rewarding and important book is divided into forty sections, or devotional "helps". Each is supplemented by passages from the Bible, true stories from real life, and Catherine Marshall's own special prayers.


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