Procedures for Reporting Crimes

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report all incidents or circumstances that threaten the safety and security of the campus community. Students, faculty, and staff handbooks address safety and security and encourage reporting of related matters.

During orientation sessions, incoming students are briefed on safety and the means of reporting incidents. The means of informing the campus community are reinforced by frequent flyers and campus newspaper articles on safety and security. The campus community is informed on a timely basis of criminal activity in annual summary reports, periodical and community newspaper articles, and specifically directed posters and flyers.

All major crimes are immediately reported to the City of Fairmont Police Department and their assistance in investigation and apprehension is generally requested. Campus Police and City of Fairmont Police Department have signed a Mutual Aid agreement that allows both departments to work together in one another's jurisdictions upon request.  City of Fairmont Police Police Department and Campus Police are involved in a Federal Grant funded program called "Project Safe Neighborhood" that consists of joint patrols through the city and campus to deter crime.  Reports of criminal activity are recorded and maintained in the Campus Police Office and statistics of such are available on request and are published periodically on this web site (Crime Statistics), and at least annually.

All emergencies, criminal complaints, general requests for service, and public safety concerns can be reported to Campus Police by any person in the campus community. Students are also encouraged to report incidents or problems to others such as Residence Directors and Student Affairs Counselors.

To reach the Police Office by telephone on campus dial 4157

The Police officer on patrol can be accessed by phone. A portable cellular phone is carried after hours and when activated receives incoming calls to 367-4157.

Additionally, there are nine auto-dial emergency phones on outdoor pedestals located throughout the campus that automatically dial 911 when the receiver is picked up. The 911 Emergency Center is instructed to notify both the City of Fairmont Police Department and Campus Police of any calls received from these campus phones.