Mental Health Emergency

A mental health emergency is a situation in which an individual is experiencing mental, emotional and/or psychological disturbances and stress that may result in a threat or harm to her/himself and/or others.

Determine if the student is a danger to themself or others, or does the student need immediate assistance for any reason.


  • The students’ conduct is clearly reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening. This includes self-harm or brandishing a weapon.
  • After speaking with campus police or 911, report concern by filling out the CARE Form


  • The student shows signs of distress, but I am not sure how serious this is. After interacting with the student, I feel uneasy and/or concerned about the situation.
  • During office hours, stay with the student and walk them to Falcon Wellness and Mental Health Services if they are willing.
  • If it is after-hours or the student is unwilling to go to Falcon Wellness and Mental Health Services, fill out a CARE form. Students can contact ProtoCALL after hours by calling (304) 367-4155


  • I am not concerned for the student's immediate safety, but they are having significant academic and/or personal issues and could use support.
  • Fill out a CARE form which will be triaged by a member of Falcon Wellness and Mental Health Services.
  • Direct student to Falcon Wellness and Mental Health Services to set up counseling. Students can call the office after hours (304-367-4155) to be connected to ProtoCALL, our after-hours crisis line.

QUESTIONS? Contact: Falcon Wellness and Mental Health Services 3rd Floor, Falcon Center | (304) 367-4155