• Call 911, (304) 367-4357 — (Do not use cell phone, electronic devices or any electrical device that could spark further explosions.)
  • Remain calm.
  • Immediately seek cover in safe place or evacuate if safe to do so.
  • Do not use elevators in case of fire.
  • If able to get outside, move to a distance of at least 500 feet away from the blast.
  • Do not return to the area.
  • Leave the building and move away from it.
  • If trapped, signal for help.

When a fire alarm sounds, complete evacuation is REQUIRED. Close doors and windows as you leave if feasible. Walk, do not run, to the nearest stairway exit and proceed to ground level.

The alarm may not sound continuously. If the alarm stops, continue the evacuation and warn others who may attempt to enter the building after the alarm stops. Notify police and/or firefighters on the scene if you suspect someone may be trapped inside the building.