Leave your building immediately when an alarm sounds or if you are instructed to do so by authorized emergency personnel.


  • Remain calm.
  • Evacuate in a safe and orderly manner.
  • Gather personal belongings (medication, keys, purses, etc.), but only if safe to do so.
  • DO NOT use elevators unless authorized emergency personnel tell you to do so.
  • Turn off all electronics, including computers.
  • Provide assistance for those with disabilities. Refer to the Evacuation Procedures for Persons with Disabilities section of this guide.
  • Go to the identified assembly area which should be at least 300 feet away from the building unless directed to another location by Campus Police or properly identified emergency personnel.
  • Remain with your class/office so a full accounting can be made.
  • Notify Campus Police or emergency personnel of any missing or trapped persons.
  • Follow all directions from Campus Police or other authorities present.

My identified evacuation assembly area is: