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It is the responsibility of all Fairmont State University Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) and the campus community to adhere to the following guidelines regarding to Painting the Bell on the Education Quad.
  • Those wishing to paint the bell must complete the Paint the Bell Request form 48 hours prior to painting the bell and receive an email confirming their reservation.
  • An email confirmation giving approval must be received in order to move forward with Painting the Bell.
  • A maximum of three (3) consecutive days may be reserved unless special permission is given by the Office of Residential and Student Life.
  • RSO’s that wish to Paint the Bell must have completed their registration paperwork every semester and be in good standing with the institution and the Office of Residential and Student Life.
  • Painting profanity, rude or inappropriate graffiti on the bell is strictly prohibited.
  • Bringing anything to the bell other than spray paint is strictly prohibited (food products, weapons, water guns, buckets of paint, etc.)
  • Guarding the bell in any way is not permitted. (Circling around the Bell, new members guarding, etc.)
  • If an RSO is Painting the Bell, at least one active member must participate in Painting the Bell.
  • Painting the Bell is permitted ONLY between the hours of 8PM-8AM.
  • Only one RSO can Paint the Bell in any given 24-hour period.
  • If you arrive to Paint the Bell, and someone else is already painting it, or it is obvious the Bell was just painted/the paint is still wet, you must wait until the following evening to Paint the Bell provided you have it reserved.
  • Any violation can result in multiple sanctions including sanctions of the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Excessive violations (3 violations in one academic year) of the Bell policy will result in the organization being suspended.

The Bell located in the Education Quad is the property of Fairmont State University, therefore Fairmont State University has the right to paint the bell at any given time. Every attempt to notify the Registered Student Organization of the reservation change will be made.

The Bell will be painted over in the event any of the following occurs:

  • An RSO or campus constituent paints the bell without making a reservation.
  • An RSO that is currently INACTIVE or is disbanded paints the bell.
  • Profanity, rude or inappropriate words or images painted on the bell.
  • Violating any of the policies stated previously in this section.