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1.30.2013 - Chemistry Bell
1.27.2013 - Pence Hall
3.22.2012 - TKE Bell
4.4.2012 - Delta Zeta Bell
4.12.2012 - TKE Bell
4.16.2012 - Delta Xi Omicron Bell
4.5.2012 - Phi Sigma Phi Bell
4.13.2012 - VDay Bell
4.18.2012 - PreK Bell
4.27.2012 - Phi Sigma Phi Bell
5.2.2012 - Tau Beta Iota Bell
5.23.2012 - Delta Xi Omicron Bell
5.25.2012 - Delta Zeta Bell
9.26.2012 - Delta Zeta Bell
12.15.2011 - Winter Bell
8.18.2011 - Tau Beta Iota Bell
8.23.2011 - Alpha Sigma Tau Bell
8.29.2011 - Delta Zeta Bell
9.1.2011 - Alpha Sigma Tau Bell
9.14.2011 - Black Student Union Bell
9.22.2011 - Tau Kappa Epsilon Bell
9.27.2011 - Sigma Sigma Sigma Bell
9..30.2011 - Like Bell
10.4.2011 - Tau Beta Iota Bell
10.6.2011 - Delta Xi Omicron Bell
10.7.2011 - Fall 2011 Bell
11.18.2011 - International Student Services Bell
10.18.2011 - Peace Bell
11.12.2011 - Alpha Sigma Tau Bell
11.01.2011 - Delta Zeta Bell
12.8.2011 - International Students Services Bell
1.25.2012 - Tau Beta Iota Bell
1.30.2012 - Sigma Sigma Sigma Bell
1.31.2012 - Delta Zeta Bell
2.1.2012 - Alpha Sigma Tau Bell
2.2.2012 - Sigma Sigma Sigma Bell
2.3.2012 - Delta Xi Omicron Bell
2.28.2012 - Tau Kappa Epsilon Bell
2.7.2012 - Delta Zeta Bell
3.5.2012 - Cinco de Sigma Bell
8.16.2012 - Alpha Sigma Tau Bell
9.4.2012 - Sigma Sigma Sigma Bell
9.11.2012 Phi Sigma Phi Bell
10.17.2012 - Tau Beta Iota Bell
10.23.2012 - Tau Kappa Epsilon Bell
10.25.2012 - Delta Zeta Bell
11.7.2012 - Sigma Sigma Sigma Bell
2.14.2013 Strike Dance Rise Bell
American Chemical Society Student Affiliates
Student Life - Un-whine-d with Canines
Student Life - Murder Mystery
American Institute of Architecture Students
Carolyn Pitcairn
Maintenance Request
Student Life - Comedy Night- Adam Grabowski- Aarona Lopez
Student Medical Laboratory Technology
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Fairness at Fairmont
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National Association for Music Education
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Roommate Issue
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Student Life - Wear Your Colors Wednesday!
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Students for Study Abroad
Solar Army Club
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Report a Concern
Delta Xi Omicron (Social Sorority)
Delta Zeta (Social Sorority)
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Health Information Technology Program Student
Soceity of Collegiate Democrats
3.5.2013 Alpha Sigma Tau
Student Life - Safe Spring Break
6.8.2012 - Relay for Life Bell
10.18.2012 Delta Xi Omicron Bell
10.22.2012 - Alpha Sigma Tau Bell
11.12.2012 - Support Our Troops Bell
3.21.2013 Delta Zeta Bell
Postponed: Battle of the X-Factor Idols Registration
4.08.2013 Alpha Sigma Tau Bell
4.11.2013 Let's Go Falcons Bell
4.15.2013 Delta Xi Omicron Bell
4.29.2013 V-Day Warriors Bell
5.06.2013 Student Psych Assoc. Bell
8.16.2013 Welcome Weekend Bell
8.20.2013 Wilderness Explorers Bell
8.21.2013 America Bell
International Students Organization
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Greek Life Request for Fundraiser
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How do I cancel my housing application?
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What about parking permits?
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What room items are permitted?
What is the Tobacco/Smoking Policy?
What is the alcohol/drug policy?
What happens during vacation periods?
Does one have to re-apply for housing?
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James Jesmer

Sophomore Senator


Vice President


Emily Buchanan



Fairmont State University Board of Governors

Fairmont State University Faculty Senate

Connor Haberland
NSI and Political Science
Katie Davis
Elementary Education

Statewide Advisory Council Representative

Joey Helmick
Business Administration Concentration in Finance

Junior Senator

Andrew Cook
National Security & Intelligence
Daphne Ryan
NSI and Political Science
Nakoma Conolly
Criminal Justice

Fairmont State University House of Representatives

Bethany Buckner
National Security & Intelligence
Shawn Humphreys
Britany Mullins
Political Science
Calvin Pringles
Emily Buchanan
Joshua Leggett
Taylor Raby

Junior Senators

Ashley McManaway

Senior Senator

Randy Stickley
NSI and Political Science

Senior Senators

Leighla Phipott
David Tennant

Public Relations

Travis Kirtner

Greek Life Representative - Fraternity


Graduate Senator


Multicultural Student Representative

Lesley Kuffour
Business Information Systems Management/Business Marketing

Freshman Senator


Commuter Representative

Business Management

Greek Life Representative - Sorority

Ashleigh Branstetter

Pierpont Faculty Senate

Clarissa Todd


Lynsey Wright
Criminal Justice

Honors Representative

Kenzie McClure
Secondary Education specializing in English
Garrett Dailey
Occupational Saftey and Health

Pence Hall Representative


College Park Representative


Prichard Hall Representative

Brad Cox
Accounting & Finance

Bryant Place Representative


Athletic Representative - Male

Athletic Representative - Female


Student Veteran's Represenatives

David Wegman

Pierpont House of Representatives

Laura Laratta

Sophomore Senators

James Jesmer