Residence Halls

Why Live On Campus?

We firmly believe that on-campus housing can be an important growing experience for new students. Not only does our department provide the numerous services and advantages to our residents listed in our mission statement and elsewhere on this web site, but research at the national level has shown other benefits as well.

Universal Amenities

All of our Residence Halls have unique atmospheres and benefits, we provide many amenities to all residents.  Before choosing your home-away-from-home, you can rest assured that your preferred building will have these options and comforts.

Fully Furnished

All of our residence halls provide beds, desks, chairs, closet space, drawer space and more for every resident.  All you need to think about is how to make your room feel like home!

Air Conditioning

No resident needs to worry about being cold in the winter months, so we've provided heating and cooling that you can control yourself!

*NOTE: Most buildings contain a combined AC/Heater unit. Morrow Hall features a radiator heating system and an individual AC for each room.  


For work or for relaxation, our residents are connected to many helpful services!  All you need to do is plug in to utilize our high-speed ethernet or wireless internet!

Laundry Services

Not only does each residence hall feature one or more laundry facilities, you don't have to pay a penny to use the machines!  Serviced by Caldwell & Gregory and supported by, we make laundry easy and convenient.

Mail and Package Delivery

Individual mailboxes, daily package sorting, and an attentive front desk staff make sure that every care package, birthday card, or postcard gets to you on time.  Check your mailbox often!

Lounges and Lobbies

With games, microwaves, Keurig coffee makers, televisions, vending machines, couches, and more, our common areas provide plenty of space for you to hang out, attend an event, study late, or meet people.

Consistently Maintained

If something isn't working like you expect, don't worry!  Our cleaning and maintenance staff is just a request away, and are available to make sure every building is in the best condition.

*NOTE: In Bryant Place and University Terrace, suites and apartments are not considered "public" spaces and our cleaning staff respects the privacy of your room.  

Available Staff

Our RAs are available 24/7 to help you with any unexpected problems.  They make sure that the halls are comfortable, respectful, and accessible!