Commuter Services

Back to School Bash 2014 Students Smiling

Commuters make up a large population of Fairmont State students. Those who travel here are just as important to Campus Life as those who live on campus. Some services are custom built for our traveling students. Almost all activities and services are available for those students who reside on campus and those who don't.

As a commuter, did you know?

There is a policy regarding who must live on campus.
Some students may need to complete an exemption application to commute.

Orientation is important for commuters.
It's where you'll meet your academic advisor, schedule and register for classes, activate your student account, acquire a photo ID card, parking pass, and more.

Welcome Weekend is for you too.
It's important to attend because key offices and the bookstore are open to new students for questions.
Training is offered on many of the programs used by course instructors to distribute and college assignments and grades.

Meal plans are available for commuters.
These plans are designed for those students who generally do not want to eat every meal every day and those who reside off-campus.

Registering, dropping and adding classes can be done online.
You don't always have to be on campus to take care of important academic business.

A Fairmont State ID card is necessary for you.
You don't just need it for parking. You need a Fairmont State ID card for your meal plan, to check out library resources, to print across campus, and to attend campus activities and athletic events.

Parking permits are required.
All spaces are decal or special permit parking only.

The Falcon Center houses a number of valuable departments for you.
Student health services, the bookstore, and dining options are located in the Falcon Center.