Comprised of executives from both traditional and emerging companies, the Advisory Council achieves its mission through a membership of diverse individuals whose stature and accomplishments bring credit to the School and who individually and collectively: engage in, assist, and support the fundraising efforts of the School; provide advice and counsel to the Dean, faculty, and staff on strategy, important issues affecting the future of the School, curricula and programs, and external affairs; provide insights to the Dean, faculty, and staff on how the School can enhance the impact of its services on various stakeholder groups; provide valuable contacts for faculty to provide access to the business community for research purposes, to increase the impact of their work on the business community, to inform their research and teaching, and to help them further develop their research, teaching, and public service skills; provide valuable contacts for students and advice in their career selection decisions and job-seeking activities; and provide input to the Dean, faculty, and staff for assessing the progress of the school and charting future courses.

The mission of Business Advisory Council is to work with the Dean to ensure the progress and vitality of the Fairmont State University School of Business. The BAC’s primary tasks are to 1) provide advice, opinions and ideas regarding a wide range of issues, including programs, recruitment and placement, as well as insight into the general competitive environment affecting business education; and 2) improve the visibility and enhance the reputation of the FSU’s School of Business in the business community.

The Council consists of at least twenty (20), but no more than thirty (30), members. Members will be appointed for three-year renewable terms. One member of the Council serves as Chair, for a three-year renewable term.  Committees may be established by the Council on an “as needed” basis.

The Business Advisory Council convenes three (3) times each year (in the fall, winter and spring).


Contact Information

Dr. Richard Harvey, Dean
School of Business
Room 111A Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4395
FAX: 304.367.4613