BSU First to Support Community Engagement by Making Their Mark

When it was time for the first home FSU football game, the members of Black Student Union wanted to be the first make their mark for the Community Engagement Initiative. In fact, “Make Your Mark” is the theme this year for the student organization. Dr. Tara Brooks, advisor for the group and Director of Multicultural Affairs, says the focus is showcasing the differences that make us unique.

That’s why BSU had a tent at the game featuring artwork made by many student handprints. Every handprint is special. BSU celebrates African-American culture but also the spirit of multiculturalism. “  This year’s theme is about digging deep inside yourself first and finding who you are and making your mark in a positive and personal way in class, at work and in the community. It’s about being proud of who you are. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Everyone involved is committed to coming together,” Brooks says.

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