Nursing student excited to help first patient after earning degree

The day her nephew was born inspired Liz Boord to pursue her dream at Fairmont State University. It was August 1st, 2009. In the hospital delivery room that day, she had her “wow” moment. Boord was allowed to be the first to bathe the new baby boy. “The nurses were so cool,” she says. That was the first time the Kingmont mother and wife seriously considering quitting her position at a utility company call center to answer a higher calling.

In a letter written for her nephew’s baby book, Liz wrote: “At only a few moments old, you touched me in such a way as to change my entire world. You inspired me to take a leap of faith and get on with my life.” Liz expects to graduate from the School of Nursing and Allied Health Administration in the spring of 2013. She’s looking forward to the day she helps her first patient.

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