Art Professor Enjoys Helping Students Develop Creativity

Jeff Greenham’s parents first noticed his interest in art at age 3 when they found him captivated with artworks produced by a kindergarten class. “The students had glued dried macaroni on paper to create various designs. I was found picking the macaroni off and eating it. As I became older, the arts became a passion which feeds my soul rather than my appetite--a passion which I am honored to share with my students,” says Greenham, Assistant Professor of Art. Throughout his career in ceramics, Jeff has worked as a production potter, doing business as Greenham/Works in Clay. His artistic works are included in numerous private and corporate collections and have been exhibited widely. Fairmont State University’s smaller class sizes allow him to provide more individualized support for his students. “Students of this art form are first faced with the challenges of learning the nuances of the physical and chemical properties of clay and glazes; through the transferable skills of practice, patience and research they can unlock that most powerful tool, creativity,” Greenham says. “I enjoy helping students make their creative dreams a reality.”