ESL - English as a Second Language

Welcome to ESL Programs

Welcome to the ESL Programs at Fairmont State University. Our goal is to help you achieve higher English language proficiency, to prepare you for study in regular programs, and to assist you in assimilating into life in the United States as an international student.

Why choose the ESL Program at Fairmont State University?

  • A varied curriculum integrating all language skills and emphasizing conversation
  • A safe and convenient location for study
  • Program flexibly with “drop-in” students welcome at any time
  • Professional and friendly instructors and staff
  • Small classes, insuring plenty of individual attention
  • Airport pickup
  • On campus housing close to all campus facilities


Our regular ESL program follows the same academic schedule as other programs.

  • Spring 2017    January 17, 2017
  • Fall 2017         August 14, 2017

Although these are the official starting dates, we accept students into the ESL program at any time during the semester and the length of the program can accommodate the student.

Costs (per semester)

  • ESL tuition: $4,200
  • Room:        $2,888
  • Meal plan:   $2,214

For students beginning at other times of the semester, fees will be prorated. ESL tuition will be $262 per week.


Students are offered and encouraged to participate in events, programs and organizations across campus. A few of those are as follows.

  • Conversation Partner Program
  • Student organizations
  • Student honoraries and publications
  • Student Intramural Sport Clubs
  • Student Government
  • Tutoring Services
  • Travel (extra fee)
  • Off-campus activities (possible extra fee)


The ESL Program offers 18-20 hours of instruction per week. Classes include the following with electives added that cater to the student needs.

  • Grammar Studies
  • TOEFL Strategies
  • Academic Reading
  • Composition
  • Speaking/Listening
  • American Culture
  • Vocabulary
  • Practice TOEFL with Q&A