Build Your Future in Architecture

“Architecture is so much bigger than lines. It’s not just making rooms; it is making moments and creating places that affect people for a lifetime and beyond,” says Philip Freeman, a Philippi native and Fairmont State alumnus. “It wasn’t until probably my third year as an undergrad that I got the ‘a-ha’ moment, that this is Architecture.” Now as Associate Professor of Architecture, he helps other students have the same realization. “That is what keeps me going, waiting for that one student to have that moment. Our goal in teaching Architecture is trying to teach people to think about a creative process and a critical way to solve problems. We want students to get to the point where they are asking big questions and always asking ‘what if.’ Architecture is born on ideas and, for it to be good, architecture has to have good ideas behind it. I think the great architects are the ones who are idea driven and are process driven so they want to learn from what they are doing. Every design is an opportunity to expand upon an even better idea.” Fairmont State soon will offer the state’s first Master of Architecture degree, giving FSU Architecture students a unique opportunity to advance in their profession and stay close to home. Until now, students who earn a bachelor’s degree in Architecture have had to go out of state to earn a professional degree, which is required to become a registered architect. “This is a big deal to the state of West Virginia, and we will stop losing our best and brightest,” Freeman says.