Ensure Employees Stay Healthy and Safe on the Job

When a great student question causes her to go into her office to look something up, Associate Professor Kimberly Murphy knows she’s had a really good Occupational Safety class. “When you’re not lecturing, but you’re working with the students and you’re actually engaging them in the topic at hand, I think that’s when this job is the best. That’s a great day,” she says. In industry, keeping employees healthy and safe is the First priority for Safety professionals. From real-world internships to managing their own senior projects developing actual safety plans for companies, Fairmont State University Safety students use a mix of technical and people skills to make a difference in the field and graduate with valuable experience. FSU’s Occupational Safety program is one of only 12 in the nation to have ABET accreditation. That means when they graduate from FSU, the new Safety professionals walk out the door with a GSP (Graduate Safety Practitioner) after their name and also are waived from taking the First professional exam, the Associate Safety Professional Exam. Many go on to graduate school. If they are up to the challenge and responsibility, they eventually become unsung heroes of industry in a rewarding profession, Murphy says. “Safety professionals literally save lives. They make sure that people go home the same way they came to work. It’s important,” she says.