Personalize Your Educational Experience

A biologist, a botanist and an environmentalist, Dr. Don Trisel knows firsthand the value of Fairmont State University’s small class sizes. “Students here are lucky in that we have a fairly small faculty to student ratio and that they can get individualized attention,” he says. The Professor of Biology remembers his days teaching a class of more than 300 at a larger university. “I came away knowing 10 people out of that class. I am teaching a class here this semester with 21 people in it, and I know them all. It can be a much more personalized educational experience for them. Students drop by my office unannounced. They stop by during office hours. Some of them text me. They communicate over Blackboard. It’s a fairly informal relationship that I have with these students outside of class, and they feel comfortable in being able to contact me and ask questions.” Trisel says FSU’s faculty members and academic programs can compete with any in the state. “We have very good placements. A lot of people who come here want to be doctors. We also get people into graduate schools, dental schools, pharmacy school; there are all kinds of opportunities.” Because of the University’s size, faculty get to know students better, he says, and can help prepare them for the next phase of their life. “We have clever students here that can rival students anywhere in the country. Our students are very bright. They ask good questions, and they come up with good ideas of their own,” Trisel says.