Graduate as a Science Triple Threat

As a triple major in Forensic Science, Chemistry and Biology, Bryan Foley has a whole lot of “want to.” He believes that being successful takes a lot of dedication and he studies hard, sometimes until 2 a.m.—even on the weekends. “I come from a family of mechanics, coal miners, pipe layers. I’m the First person in my family to go to college,” says the Pipestem native. “As a First generation college student, you have no idea what you’re going into. It’s so difficult. To come to Fairmont State and for the teachers to be so receptive and so understanding of your needs, you can’t find that anywhere else.” He likes the fact that he has a personal relationship with his College of Science and Technology professors, who have an open door policy. “I have the phone numbers of four different faculty members that I can think of right off the top of my head,” Bryan says. “I texted the professor I have for Analytical Chemistry at 10 p.m., and she sent me back a text and said, ‘Well, I think this is your problem.’ I like the fact that I’m not a number. Here I’m Bryan Foley and my teachers know my name.” He offers this advice to students making their college choice: “If you’re looking for attention, if you’re looking for a community and a family, then Fairmont State is here for you.”