In January 2001, FSU’s Department of Nursing began offering School Nurse Certification.  The program is designed for BSN prepared registered nurses to conduct and coordinate school health service programs.  School Health Nursing provides a new opportunity for nurses to expand their role and enhance professional growth and development through this certification.

To be eligible for enrollment, one must be enrolled in the BSN Program or already hold a BSN and return to complete the School Nurse Certification.

A student currently enrolled in the BSN Program can complete School Nurse Certification by completing successfully Nursing 4400, with an emphasis in school nursing, and Education 2200.

The course of study for the returning BSN includes a 4 credit School Nurse Practicum that has both a theory and clinical requirement.  The clinical component involves the school nurse candidate working directly with a Certified School Nurse in the school system.  In addition a 3 credit Education 2200 is required.  This course provides an overview of the teaching profession as well as an analysis of the historical, philosophical, and sociological basis for school programs.

The School Nurse Practicum and Education 2200 are both available as online courses.


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