Students in the School of Business are recognized by receiving one of the following awards or scholarships. These include:

  • Outstanding Senior in Accounting
  • Outstanding Senior in Business Administration
  • Outstanding Senior in Information Systems Management
  • Stanley & Mary Beafore¬† Scholarship
  • Dustin M. Burdoff Foundation Award
  • Conley CPA Group. Accounting Excellence Award
  • Dream, Succeed & Lead
  • Glenn A. Harman Accounting Excellence Scholarship
  • Donald L. Hoylman Impact Scholarship
  • Mary B. and Edgar N. Jaynes Endowed Scholarship
  • George E. Lambert Family Endowed Fund for Education
  • LeDonne Family Accounting Scholarship
  • Emily Leaf Nichols Alumni Scholarship
  • Anthony J. and Josephine Pitrolo Endowed Scholarship
  • Woodrow A. Potesta Scholarship of Accounting
  • John and Nancy Raley School of Business Scholarship
  • Frank and Florence Sansalone Scholarship
  • Louis Schoolnic Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert (Buck) Thompson Family Scholarship
  • WesBanco Business Endowed Scholarship
  • WesBanco Business Graduate Degree Endowed Scholarship

Submit your School of Business Scholarship Application to the School of Business office in Room 111, Jaynes Hall in February 24, 2017. 

For further information on these scholarships or awards, contact the School of Business in Room 111 Jaynes Hall or by telephone at 304-367-4261 or by e-mail.


Contact Information

Dr. Richard Harvey, Dean
School of Business
Room 111A Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4395
FAX: 304.367.4613