• WHY:  In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to child obesity. We believe in thinking differently. 

  • HOW:  We challenge the status quo by creating and offering educational & recreational activities that are simple to follow and fun to participate in.  

  • WHAT: Activities offered challenge the children on all levels such as physical activity, nutritional & social, leaving them with personal growth, increased self-esteem, respect for different cultures, team work & social communication.   

To view the camp brochure, CLICK HERE.


Camp Sponsorship

Due to the generous donation from the Fairmont Regional Medical Center, the day camp will be able to provide 133 full scholarships to the 2016 camp.  The Marion County Board of Education has agreed to assist the camp in reaching out to all those children who qualify for the scholarships. Those who are eligible and receive a scholarship will be contacted by the day camp. Those individuals will be given a registration code that is specifically just for them to use when registering.  

  • To learn more about the Fairmont Regional Medical Center, CLICK HERE.
  • To learn more about the Marion County Board of Education, CLICK HERE.


Safety & Age Requirements


We strive to provide a "safety first" recreational environment for the children at all times.

  • Counselors will be certified in First Aid, CPR, AED to ensure the children's safety at all times
  • Certified lifeguards will be on duty when children are in the pool.
  • Nursing Station on 3rd floor of Falcon Center
  • Campus Security on 3rd floor of Falcon Center

Children must be between the ages of 6-12 years old when attending camp. Once turning 13 years old, the may be eligible to return to camp as a Junior Counselor.  To see Junior Counselor requirements, CLICK HERE.  


Coming to Camp?

Attending the day camp can be done in an easy 3 step process:

STEP 1:  Register to tell us you're coming.  Its easy and Free to do. If you have been offered a scholarship opportunity, in the "Other" category, please designate "Scholarship" and which school referred you.   To Register, CLICK HERE

Must register by May 16th in order to be guaranteed a T-shirt and/or correct size.
Registrations received after May 16th may result in no shirt and/or incorrect sizes

STEP 2:  Complete the NEW online camper medical forms. You will still need to provide the camp with a form from a Physician showing a recent physical prior to attending the camp. To start the medical forms, click here.

STEP 3:  Pay for your week at camp. Not applicable for scholarship participants. See instructions below.


Online Payment

With our new online payment system, you can select the week or weeks you would like to attend and pay online. The week or weeks must be paid in full at the time of checkout. You may pay for each week one at a time as the summer goes on to alleviate the one time large payment.  Payment for each individual week must be received prior to the child attending that week at camp. 

Step 1: Visit our online payment system. http://falconrec.fairmontstate.edu/
Step 2:  In the upper right corner, click " Sign In"
Step 3: If you already have an account, log in.  If not, create an account for free.
Step 4:  After you are logged in, in the upper right corner, click your user name.
Step 5:  In the middle of the screen, click on the blue bar that says “add dependent.” Each child coming to camp must be added as a dependent since you will be placing the child into the week or weeks.
Step 6:  After the child or children have been added, in the maroon bar towards the top, click "Day Camp" from the top selections.
Step 7:  Click the blue word titled “Camps” in the middle of the screen.
Step 8:  Select "Falcon Center Summer Day Camp"
Step 9:  Find the week or weeks you wish to attend then click the blue bar on the right titled “Add to cart.”  After adding to cart, you will be prompted to add the child or children into that week.
Step 10:  Proceed to payment.

Session 5 Only

Since session 5 is only four days long, we will be having special events during that week only.  

Some of the special events that week include:

  • Visit by WV Rapture Rehabiltation Center.  
  • 1 Bounce House Party giveaway
  • 1 Pool Party Giveaway

Rapture Center:   To View the Website, Click here.  

Dates - 2016


Session Dates

Session 1

June 6 - 10

Session 2

June 13- 17

Session 3

June 20-24

Session 4

June 27-July 1

*Session 5

July 5-8

Session 6

July 11-15

Session 7

July 18-22

Session 8

July 25-29

*No camp on Monday, July 4th

*Medical Forms must be submitted along with a physical form before a child can attend camp*


Each Week

Camp Hours

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

per week

Cost includes daily snacks, lunch and t-shirt.  
One shirt will be given to each child regardless the number of weeks attending.
Must register by Friday, May 20th in order to be guaranteed a T-shirt and/or correct size.
Registrations received after Friday May 20th may result in: incorrect sizes, no shirt or receive a camp shirt from previous year.



The camp cost includes a provided lunch for every child. Lunch will be provided by Fairmont State University Dining Services on the 3rd floor of the falcon center.

Lunch will be available in the form of a set schedule each day. Lunches menus will be available for the entire week. Each lunch will provide two options of entrées to choose from, two sides, a salad, drink and a healthy snack







Other Costs


25.00 Late Cancellation Fee - If you wish to withdraw from a session, you must let us know three weeks prior to the beginning of the session. If you withdraw from any session after the three week deadline, you will incur this fee.

Late Pickup Fee - Campers must be picked up by 5:00pm each day.  Parent/Guardian(s) picking up children after 5:00pm will be charged at a rate of $1.00/minute.Early Drop Off Fee 

tennisRefund Request - For a refund to be processed a letter must be sent to the Falcon Center Summer Day which includes name, reason for refund, date(s) & address. Reasons for refunds are as follows: overpayment and cancellation of a session already paid for prior to the week before the session begins. A refund/credit will not be given once it is less than a week before the beginning of the session in question. All refunds are handled at the discretion of the Camp Director and questions should be directed to them.




How to get to Camp