The mission for the Aquatic Program is to ensure that all students, employees and patrons enjoy all aspects of the Falcon Center Pool in a safe, healthy, comfortable manor.

Through our membership program, individuals can participate in various aquatic activities such as lap swimming, water volleyball, aerobics, and many other options such as a Jacuzzi and a sauna.

Many aquatic programs are offered throughout the year which may cause an adjustment to the temperature in the pool. Below is a list of events and the pool temperature guidelines.

Recreational Swim 82
Competitive Swim 80.5
Child Instruction 84

Daily Pool Schedule

To view the daily pool schedule, CLICK HERE.  When viewing the schedule, please make sure you are viewing the correct month.

To see if there are pool parties booked, please visit the our pool party site by clicking here.  If there is a party booked for a specific day or time, find the date, and look to the right side of the page.  If a party is NOT booked, it will say "1 spots available." If a party is booked, it will say "0 spots available."