Robin Yeager
Director, Falcon Center
Office: 316 Student Affairs Suite
Phone: (304)-367-4783

Kevin Philyaw
Assistant Director, Falcon Center 
Office: 317 Student Affairs Suite
Phone: (304)-368-7223

Kevin Philyaw
Tina Mascaro
Director of Intramurals & Recreation
Office: 208 Colebank via Falcon Center
Phone: (304)-367-4291
Shana Bock
Director, Campus Card Services
Office: Falcon Center Office 100
Phone: (304) 368-7227

Jacqueline Inskeep
Special Events Coordinator
Office: Colebank 318
Phone:  (304) 333-3647

Cathy Basagic
Conference Services
Phone:  304-367-4090


Rosemary Bonasso
Conference Services
Phone: (304) 367-4950

Michelle Duckworth
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 304-367-4643
Photo coming soon...



Falcon Center Phone:  304-368-7222
Falcon Center Email:


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