Crime Scene Investigations ClassFairmont State Criminal Justice graduates work as Deputy United States Marshals, for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and as county sheriff’s deputies.  With a criminal justice degree from Fairmont State, those are just a few of the options for our graduates. Courses cover a wide range of topics related to criminal justice. With a concentration in law enforcement, students take classes in:

  • computer crime
  • homicide investigation
  • juvenile justice process

Students who choose a concentration in corrections take classes in:

  • group disturbance
  • law of corrections
  • group techniques

Students can also choose to minor in criminal justice at Fairmont State or chose the program as part of their Pre-Law studies.

Career Opportunities

Students with a B.S. degree in criminal justice qualify for employment in city, county, state, and federal criminal justice agencies, and in the rapidly-growing private industrial security field.  A number of graduates continue their education in graduate programs in criminal justice, criminology or law.  The following are jobs our Criminal Justice majors seek upon graduation:

  • Detective
  • DEA Agent
  • Juvenile Probation Officer
  • Correctional Counselor